What is the best filler for lower face?

Author: Lisette Predovic Jr.  |  Last update: Wednesday, January 25, 2023

The recommended treatment for these lines are fillers such as Collagen, Restylane or Radiesse (Radiance).

Can you put filler in lower face?

The nonsurgical rejuvenation and beautification of the lower third of the face is becoming more frequent. Injectable fillers can reshape the jawline, lift soft tissues, and improve facial proportions, effectively improving the appearance of the area.

What filler is best for sagging jowls?

One of the best fillers for treating jowls is Sculptra, since it instantly plumps the area where it is injected while simultaneously stimulating new collagen growth to provide a longer-term youthful appearing result.

Can fillers fix sagging jowls?

Facial fillers are a top treatment choice for eliminating jowls as they can be used to rebuild the structure of the face whilst rebooting the skin's natural supply of hyaluronic acid and smoothing the jawline.

What is the best and longest lasting facial filler?

Many plastic surgeons say that Juvederm and Restylane are the most durable and longest-lasting fillers available. Both contain hyaluronic acid and are good for smoothing wrinkles and lines. Hyaluronic acid carries 1,000 times its weight in water and makes the skin look young, supple, and soft.

Smoothing Lower Face Fine Lines with Dermal Filler | AAFE

Which filler looks most natural?

What Provides the Most Natural Look?
  • Juvederm. This injectable is highly-concentrated and provides smooth results when used to either reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles or fill areas of lost volume. ...
  • Restylane. ...
  • Belotero. ...
  • Sculptra. ...
  • Radiesse.

What is the best filler for older skin?

Restylane: The Restylane family of fillers (Restylane, Restylane Silk, Restylane Lyft, etc.) are excellent options for mature skin. Each filler is designed to treat specific areas and to address common problems associated with aging. Our patients love the natural looking results.

Where do you put fillers to lift jowls?

When the dermal filler is used as a jowl filler, it is injected along the jawline in the pre-jowl sulcus and the marionette lines to regain jawline definition. Treatment of jowls with jawline fillers often involves treating the chin area.

How much do fillers cost for jowls?

Prices for jawline fillers vary greatly depending on your desired result and your face shape (plus, obviously, where you live). Dr. Hartman approximates that the average jawline filler costs around $3,000.

How can I plump up my jowls?

Dermal fillers are made of a material called hyaluronic acid. This material can be injected into your neck and chin to fill in jowls and make them look less saggy. Some fillers can help your body produce more collagen to keep your skin tight.

Will Voluma lift jowls?

What a Juvéderm Voluma Treatment Can Accomplish. Juvéderm Voluma addresses volume and elastin loss in the mid-face region. It uses an injectable gel that acts as a filler to restore volume to areas most affected by age, such as sagging cheeks, a sagging jawline and jowls.

Can Juvederm get rid of jowls?

Juvederm Voluma is a soft tissue dermal filler that's FDA-approved for age-related volume loss in the cheeks. It can be used to restore youthful fullness, improve facial contours, correct hollowing, counteract drooping, and eradicate jowls.

How do I fill my lower cheeks?

13 natural ways to get chubbier cheeks
  1. Perform facial exercises. Also called “facial yoga,” facial exercises tone the facial muscles for a more youthful appearance. ...
  2. Apply aloe to your skin. ...
  3. Eat aloe. ...
  4. Apply apple skin care products. ...
  5. Eat apples. ...
  6. Apply glycerin and rose water to your skin. ...
  7. Apply honey to your skin. ...
  8. Eat honey.

How can I rejuvenate my lower face?

Your Lower Face Rejuvenation Procedure
  1. Restoring appropriate chin volume and shape with fillers.
  2. Applying filler to the anterior jawline.
  3. Adding filler to the areas around marionette lines.
  4. Using neuromodulators to relax a hyperactive mentalis muscle, increasing chin projection and reducing the orange peel appearance.

Can you use Voluma in the lower face?

Voluma can also be used in the outer cheeks in front of your ears. This will help pull your lower face back to address marionette lines, those pesky lines that go from the corners of your mouth to your jawline. Voluma has also been approved to improve the appearance of your chin and jawline.

How many vials of filler do I need for jowls?

Fillers and Skin Tightening Treatments for Moderate Jowls

Expect to need approximately 4-8 syringes which are best done slowly and gradually over 2-4 appointments over 2-9 months.

How long does Voluma last in jowls?

In general, the results of JUVÉDERM VOLUMA cheek filler are typically visible for around a year. However, patients sometimes find that the results are visible for up to two years once they start getting maintenance treatments.

Why not to get jawline filler?

Are There Downsides to Jawline Filler? As with getting filler in other areas, minor bruising and swelling are common side effects in the days immediately following a jawline filler appointment. "Nodules or bumps may form if the filler is not placed correctly," says Dr. Madhère.

Where should you not put face fillers?

Top 5 Danger Injection Zones for Dermal Fillers
  1. Between the eyebrows and just above the nose. It is recommended that you use a Low-G filler around this region using the serial puncture technique. ...
  2. Temple area. ...
  3. Lines between the corner of nose and the mouth. ...
  4. Infraorbital region. ...
  5. Nasal Augmentation.

Can cheek fillers lift lower face?

By adding volume to the cheek area and contouring the shape of your cheek, you can visibly lift your cheekbones and the lower face while filling out fine lines and wrinkles in the process.

What fillers make you look younger?

Juvéderm, Restylane, and Belotero Balance are recommended fillers to address this issue and minimize those pesky signs of aging.

What are the newest facial fillers?

Parent company Teoxane's new RHA collection of fillers, which are made of a type of hyaluronic acid that most closely the kind that resembles what naturally occurs in the body, was FDA-approved in 2021 for the treatment of dynamic lines and wrinkles. (These wrinkles happen when you animate, like a frown or smile.)

What face filler lasts 2 years?

1 to 2 Years

Some dermal fillers have been studied to last close to two years. The three fillers that tend to last the longest are Restylane Lyft, Restylane Defyne, Restylane Refyne, Juvederm, Voluma, Radiesse, and Sculptra. Restylane Defyne is built for balance and used in the nasal labial folds and marionette lines.

What kind of fillers do the Kardashians use?

Kylie prefers Juvederm, a brand of filler that's owned by Allergan. While there are different types of Juvederm fillers, Kylie's team goes for Juvederm Ultra Plus.

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