What do you use brown eyeliner for?

Author: Cortez Fritsch II  |  Last update: Wednesday, January 25, 2023

As per the rules of beauty, one needs an eyebrow powder or a pomade to fill in the eyebrows to perfection. But, with a brown eyeliner, you can not only achieve the same but also change the rules. Use your brown eyeliner to fill in the sparse gaps or give your brows a slight arch to make it look shaped.

Is brown eyeliner better for small eyes?

A really dark colour can make your eyes appear smaller than they actually are. If you want to keep it a little subtle, a medium shade of brown would do. This trick for using eyeliner for small eyes doesn't just make them appear larger, but also makes your eyes look more natural.

Is brown eyeliner better than black for blue eyes?

If you have blue eyes, opt for navy, copper, dark brown, or yellow eyeliner. "When in doubt, look at a color wheel for some inspiration," says Marie. "Opposite colors complement and colors adjacent to each other in varying tones offer less contrast, but generally look very pretty when used all together."

Does brown eyeliner look more natural?

Brown eyeliner

Brown eyeliner acts as a contour for your eyelids and adds more depth. It is the best eyeliner for natural look. Simply apply the Lakme Absolute Explore Eye Pencil - Fearless Brown on your upper and lower lash line and use a brush to slightly soften the outer corner of your eyes.

Does brown eyeliner make your eyes look bigger?

Black might be your go-to color when it comes to eyeliner, but using a brown or colored eyeliner can also help make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. For enlarging the appearance of your eyes, choose a colored liner that mimics the natural color of your eyes.


How do I choose a eyeliner color?

To be certain exactly which colors contrast each other, the use of a color wheel is recommended. Simply locate your natural eye color on the wheel and look for the color on the opposite side. That color will be the eyeliner shade to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes!

Is it better to wear eyeliner on top or bottom?

"Keep the liner to the top lid for a more lifted, youthful effect." If you really, really want to go after your bottom lash line, Stiles recommends using a lighter color there than you're using on the top. "This will still give you definition, but feels softer and more flattering," she adds.

Does brown eyeliner make you look tired?

Mistake 6: You use the wrong eyeliner color

If you're cool-toned, bronze or gold eyeliner will make you look tired and sickly.

What does brown eyeliner on waterline do?

“It gives a softer, more natural look as opposed to a black or pop of colored liner,” says O'Leary. It proves brown eyeliner makeup doesn't necessarily need eyeshadow to make the eyes pop; just pair it with a lengthening mascara to add definition.

Does dark eyeliner make you look older?

Mistake #04: Using black eyeliner

Applying a thick, black eyeliner makes your eyes appear really small and beady — making you look older than you are. An easy solution to this problem is to switch your back eyeliner with a brown one for a softer and more youthful appearance.

What color eyeliner for mature eyes?

White to bright. “Use a white (or nude) kohl pencil eyeliner on your waterline for an instant eye lift. White eyeliner is a secret weapon to give the effect of wider, more awake and brighter eyes. Choose a water and smudge proof brand that will stay put all day.”

Is brown eyeliner good for blue eyes?

Any brown liner is an easy go-to for blue-eyed beauties, but I love this warm, sparkly liner in particular since it stays on forever and draws literal gold flecks onto your lids.

Can blue eyes wear brown eyeliner?

If you're a blue-eyed makeup wearer, browns and golds are your most obvious choice, as warmer tones make cool ones appear brighter. So when picking brown eyeliner look for a warmer tone pencil, give chocolate a miss.

What color of eyeliner for blue eyes?

Complement Blue Eyes with Navy or Blue Eyeliner

As a perfect pop to the waterline or a vibrant take on winged liner, a shade of blue perfectly pairs with the deep, sapphire sparkle that blue eyes naturally have.

What eyeliner shape makes your eyes look bigger?

The way to apply eyeliner to make the eyes look bigger is by drawing a very thin line, black or brown, just above your lashes. Once you reach the last third of the lashes, taper the eyeliner outwards in a straight line and draw back in to create a flick.

What eyeliner color is best for black eyes?

Rich, Deep Colors Work Best

It is important to highlight dark eyes as much as possible, so the best way to go about that is to start out with deeper shades. Colors that fall in the category of dark grays, blues, browns, blacks and violets are all great to utilize.

Does brown eyeliner bring brown eyes?

While brown eyeliner is always a match for brown eyes, deep blue tones can look especially amazing. Want to highlight the lighter accents in brown eyes? Light or reddish-brown eyeliner can bring out new dimensions in brown eyes. Try black eyeliner if you want to add more drama for an evening look.

What color should waterline eyeliner be?

On what shade to choose to brighten the waterline, Aharon notes that “it really depends on your skin tone, the natural color of your waterline, and the effect you're attempting.” For every day, she's partial to an off-white or nude shade that's a bit more versatile and subtle than a stark white.

Does brown eyeliner go with black mascara?

Using a brown liner is considered to be more of a subtle look compared to a black liner. Brown eyeliner with black mascara will accentuate your lashes with less emphasis on the entire eye. The brown/black combo would be a considered more of a day look.

Is brown eyeliner more subtle?

A really dark colour can make your eyes appear smaller than they actually are. If you want to keep it a little subtle, a medium shade of brown would do. This trick for using eyeliner for small eyes doesn't just make them appear larger, but also makes your eyes look more natural.

Should small eyes wear eyeliner?

It's a bit of a beauty myth that small eyes shouldn't use eyeliner. When used in an entire ring around the eye, black liner can exaggerate the smaller shape, but the trick is to use a contrasting white or pearl-coloured liner in the lower waterline and keep the smoky eyeliner to the lower lashes instead.

Where should you not put eyeliner?

DON'T line your whole eye.

Drawing your eyeliner from outside corner all of the way to the inside corner of your eye, on top and bottom, is just a whole lotta eyeliner. It's harsh and unflattering, and makes your eyes appear smaller. It also makes it look like you wear a studded black belt over your Billabong t-shirt.

Do you out eyeliner first or mascara?

“Mascara always last after eye shadow and liner as you want to keep it clean with no particles in it,” advises Vogue beauty and health director Sigourney Cantelo. This also helps to achieve a more precise result with your eyeliner: “It's easier to see where you're drawing if you have nude lashes,” she says.

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