Does Kybella cause sagging skin?

Author: Nigel Heidenreich  |  Last update: Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Keep in mind that even in cases where Kybella does eliminate existing submental fat, the skin in the area may loosen and sag as a result. If loose or sagging skin remains, then you may want to follow up with an Ultherapy treatment.

How do I tighten my skin after Kybella?

For Older patient whose skin is a little loose , after Kybella treatment, their skin usually gets tighter, but in case there will be small residual area of loose skin under chin, Dr. Avaliani can offer a treatment combination with Ultherapy, the one and only non invasive FDA approved skin tightening device.

How long does it take for skin to tighten after Kybella?

A month after the procedure, most people have definite reduction in fat tightening of the skin in the treated area. This continues to improve over the next 3-5 months. Swelling tends to be milder with each subsequent treatment.

Does fat dissolving injections cause loose skin?

In some cases, when the fat has gone from the area, the skin may be left looking a little loose. To remedy this, a treatment with the Plasma Pen will tighten the skin. In some cases, a final treatment of an injection with a skin tightening product may be used.

Can Kybella make your double chin worse?

Remember That it Will Get Worse Before it Gets Better

Patience is key when it comes to Kybella treatments—because your body obviously isn't used to things being injected into your chin, there will be swelling and bruising, making your double chin more noticeable and larger for a small amount of time.

Does KYBELLA® Cause Sagging Skin? - Afterglow Aesthetics - Dr. Shehla Ebrahim

What can go wrong with Kybella?

KYBELLA® can cause serious side effects, including injection site problems such as bruising, hair loss, open sores (ulcers), and damage and tissue cell-death (necrosis) around the injection site or trouble swallowing and nerve injury in the jaw that can temporarily cause an uneven smile or facial muscle weakness.

Can fat grow back after Kybella?

"The Kybella kills the fat cells so the fat won't come back in the treated area, but it still can come back, and it may come back in a new area," Mitchell says. "If you normally gain weight in the chin, it could come back in the neck post-Kybella, which may look unnatural. This can also happen with liposuction."

Will Kybella help with saggy neck?

Two of the main issues that affect the neck are skin laxity and a double chin, which can make patients look older and heavier than they actually are. Fortunately, Kybella and Ultherapy are two effective ways to fight neck aging without surgery, anesthesia, or downtime.

What happens to the skin after fat dissolving injections?

After each treatment patients can expect some swelling, redness and skin irritation and tenderness in the area treated, which will subside after four to six days.

What are the side effects of fat dissolving injections?

You may experience some pain, light bruising or swelling around the injection area for a few days after treatment. This treatment is not suitable for certain clients, such as pregnant or lactating women or those with certain health conditions like diabetes, liver or kidney disease, or skin issues.

How do I get rid of loose skin under my chin?

Exercise. Exercise is one of the easiest things you can do to tighten the skin and lose the extra layer of fat around your neck and chin. Sometimes called facial yoga, these exercises help to firm up the area where you have the double chin.

Do and don'ts after Kybella?

Changes to Certain Daily Routines
  • Don't put on makeup the day of your procedure or for 24 hours afterward.
  • Avoid lying down for several hours after your injections.
  • Apply ice to your neck immediately after treatment with KYBELLA. ...
  • Over these two days, don't take part in vigorous exercise. ...
  • Starting on Day 3, Dr.

What should I avoid after Kybella?

Avoid alcohol, caffeine, niacin supplement, high-sodium foods, high sugar foods, refined carbohydrates, and spicy foods 24-48 hours before and after your treatment. These items may contribute to increased swelling or irritation.

Are people happy with Kybella?

#1: Yes, KYBELLA Really Works!

In 20 studies from around the globe, over 68.2% of people saw a noticeable reduction in fat compared to 20% of people who received a placebo. Also, over 79% of KYBELLA patients said they felt happier with how their faces looked after undergoing treatment.

Is Kybella good for jowls?

Kybella® is a non-surgical solution for submental fullness, more commonly known as “double chin.” In addition to treating moderate to severe submental fullness, Kybella® can help to sculpt the jawline by destroying the fat cells that lead to jowls.

What causes loose skin under chin?

The term “jowls” is often used to describe sagging skin below your chin or jawline. Almost everyone develops jowls as they age. It happens because your skin becomes thinner and less elastic over time.

What to avoid after fat dissolving injections?

Following DESO fat dissolving injections we would advise that you:
  • Avoid Aspirin for pain to reduce the risk of bruising or bleeding. ...
  • Bruising may occur. ...
  • Avoid hot baths and showers (tepid water only) for 5 days.
  • Nodules are not uncommon.

Are fat dissolving injections worth it?

Fat dissolving injections can help you to achieve a slimmer, more contoured body shape, with long-lasting results of between two and four years. The results are even longer if you maintain a healthy diet and regularly exercise.

Do fat dissolving injections work on chin?

It produces long lasting results, which means you can banish those annoyingly wobbly bits. These injections can be used to treat small, exercise resistant, pockets of fat around the chin, chest, abdomen, thighs, knees and ankles. It is very effective for body contouring, but is not a treatment for weight loss.

Is Kybella good for turkey neck?

A turkey neck is somewhat unavoidable as we age, but the right treatment can redefine your neckline and rejuvenate your appearance. Neck lift surgery and KYBELLA® injections are two excellent options to consider for getting rid of a turkey neck.

Does Kybella prevent turkey neck?

Based on your individual aesthetic goals and a customized treatment plan, after just two to six Kybella treatments, you'll notice a visible reduction in that troublesome turkey neck. When fat cells under your chin are destroyed, your body can't use them for fat storage.

Which is better CoolSculpting or Kybella?

Skin Laxity: CoolSculpting has been proven to be effective in improving skin laxity. Kybella is not, and may make skin laxity worse. The Side Effects: The Most Significant Difference This is really what separates the two treatments.

How many years does Kybella last?

Kybella will last forever!

Maximum results can be seen after six months and are long-lasting. Kybella completely destroys fat cells and they disappear permanently. So, once these fat cells are eliminated you will be able to enjoy your newly sculpted chin for many years.

Can you get too much Kybella?

It's important to space Kybella injections apart. Not only does this allow the active ingredient time to target submental fat in the chin, but it also gives your body time to heal in between treatments. If you have too many injections too close together, this could increase your risk of side effects, like swelling.

Where does the fat go after Kybella?

The dissolved fat is now cellular debris, and gets cleared into the lymphatic and circulatory systems by specialized immunologic cells. This happens gradually over the span of several weeks. As for the deoxycholic acid, it follows the same path; it gets metabolized and broken down, and then excreted as waste.

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