Can facial threads come loose?

Author: Dr. Hugh Olson  |  Last update: Wednesday, February 15, 2023

It is my understanding that the PDO threads that are used to lift (barbed) will need to be redone every 6 months or so as they do come loose. The other types of PDO threads need to be done once a month.

Can facial threads move?

You may feel the puncture points used to insert the threads for a few weeks as they heal. There may also be a feeling of tightness from the pulling of the skin. In some cases, the threads can migrate or move. This can happen if the threads break, for example.

Can PDO threads come loose?

As we mentioned, it is unlikely for PDO threads to slip out of place. If you experience a problem with your treatment or have questions about thread lift aftercare, contact a member of our knowledgeable team right away. We can schedule a follow-up appointment and perform an assessment to see how we can help.

Can a thread lift be undone?

Can a thread lift be reversed? Yes, it can be reversed, although this is not recommended. Speak to your surgeon about the possibility.

Can a thread lift fail?

PDO Thread Lift Complications do occur and dimpling, puckering and thread visibility are often the most troubling to patients and physicians. These complications can be applied to PDO, PCA and PLLA threads. Most providers choose PDO threads as they are dissolvable, therefore making this problem only temporary.

The Dangers of DIY Facial Threading Procedures!

How do I know if my thread lift broke?

How can you tell if a PDO thread broke? You may feel the puncture points used to insert the threads for a few weeks as they heal. There may also be a feeling of tightness from the pulling of the skin. In some cases, the threads can migrate or move.

What is the downside of a thread lift?

Complications: Although thread lift is considered minimally invasive, some sutures and cuts are required. There is still a risk of complications such as bruising, thread breakage, thread extrusion, fever, and infection.

What happens when thread lift wears off?

When the sutures begin to dissolve, it is likely you will notice the gradual return of sagging features. However, there is evidence to support that collagen is produced in the tissues surrounding the threads, which can lead to a longer lasting effect.

Can PDO threads come out?

Answer: PDO thread complication management

If it a smooth thread it will typically come out easily by grasping the thread and pulling. If it is a barbed thread, it may be difficult to remove. If a barbed thread is stuck, then it should be pulled and cut at the level of the skin and allowed to retract under the skin.

Can PDO threads be adjusted?

Answer: Threads

This can often be corrected with a needle at the insertion point and appropriate pressure to better retract the thread, or even cut more off the end of the thread if necessary.

What happens when PDO threads move?

Answer: PDO

Sometimes a thread can slip a bit out of place under the skin and sounds and feels frightening to the patient. There are no ramifications to this, other than if the thread slips enough, you will lose some of the lifting benefit. Other threads can be placed to re-suspend the area if necessary.

Do PDO threads continue to lift?

The results of a PDO thread lift may take about 8 – 12 weeks to develop, and they will continue to improve over the next several months as the body ramps up its collagen production and new cell growth. When patients care for their skin properly, PDO thread lift results can last up to a year or longer.

How many times can you get PDO threads?

How Often Should You Have Treatment? The results of this treatment can last for six to 12 months at a time, so how long the results of your treatment lasts will determine how often you should have treatment. Many patients opt to have regularly scheduled PDO thread lifts once or twice a year.

How long does it take for facial threads to settle?

You will probably see some initial firming and lifting right after your procedure, with your thread lift face results continuing to take shape over the next three weeks or so. As your body begins to naturally generate collagen, your tightened, lifted outcomes should continue to improve for the next few months.

Do threads stay in your face thread lift?

Results from a thread lift aren't meant to be permanent. Successful effects typically last from 1 to 3 years. Like other dissolvable dermal fillers, such as Botox, the threads used in the procedure will eventually be absorbed by the tissue underneath your skin. After a thread lift, you can resume your normal routine.

What happens to facial threads over time?

Once injected below the surface of the skin, they will stimulate collagen production and lift the skin over time. Within six to eight months, these threads will dissolve on their own and you will be left with a more youthful appearance.

Does hyaluronic acid dissolve PDO threads?

Conclusions: Hyaluronic acid induces rapid biodegradation of the PDO thread by hydrolysis beginning 24 hours after contact of the thread with the biomaterial.

Does heat dissolve PDO threads?

The PDO threads can be dissolved used heat based therapies, such as lasers and saunas. Minimal heat therapies such as LED Light Therapy and facials are safe to still have, and are recommended to get optimal results and longevity in the results.

Why can I feel my PDO threads?

Some patients, particularly those who have especially thin skin, can feel the threads if they press on the surface of the treatment area. But the threads dissolve over time, so even if you feel them early after your treatment, they won't be there for long.

How do you maintain a thread lift?

Do not take a shower or wash your hair for the first 24 hours. Avoid hot showers for one week. When washing face after 24 hours, gently wash the required area with cleanser (recommended by your injector) and water. It is fine to shampoo and wash over the entry point and to towel off the area.

How many years does thread lift take off?

Thread lifts generally last between 12 and 18 months. However, this is dependant upon the individual patient and their age, lifestyle, skin type and how quickly their body breaks down the sutures. The procedure itself delivers immediate results.

Is it normal to have lumps after thread lift?

Although rare, it is not uncommon for a painful lump to develop after a thread lift procedure. This may be caused by the thread buckling or curling under the skin.

What is better than a thread lift?

Longevity: Facelift Vs Thread Lift

The results of a facelift last far longer than those of a thread lift. In fact, a facelift can provide some level of improvement to skin quality for a full decade! A thread lift will probably need redoing after only 18 months at the most. In some cases, they can last less than a year.

Can thread lift jowls?

PDO Threads Non-Surgical Face Lift, to lift, tighten and contour. PDO threads are excellent for defining of the jaw line as well as lifting and tightening sagging skin of the jowls. Even with slight swelling immediately after treatment, immediate results in this patient can be seen.

What age should you get a thread lift?

Most of the time, candidates for this treatment are between the age of 30 and 55. Ultimately, the candidates for this treatment will be determined by consultation.

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