Which facial threads last the longest?

Author: Prof. Chesley Mayer  |  Last update: Saturday, May 27, 2023

PDO, or polydioxanone threads, dissolve after only six to nine months. Contrastingly, PLLA, or Poly L. Lactic Acid threads, dissolve after 12 to 18 months. PCL, or polycaprolactone threads, are the most durable of the three.

Which thread lift is the best?

To achieve effective lifting of facial tissue the bi-directional threads are preferred as they provide immediate anchoring to the tissue and the thread cannot move either way due to the two-way direction of the barbs.

Which is better PDO or Aptos threads?

An Aptos thread lift is different to a PDO thread they are made poly-L-lactic acid + caprolactone material, which means they last longer than the traditional PDO thread lift. Unlike traditional surgical facelifts APTOS threads rejuvenate the face without changing your natural features.

What is the difference between PDO and PLLA threads?

Silhouette Soft PLLA: Poly-L-Lactic Acid material are also used as surgical sutures, and have greater longevity than PDO, averaging 12 months before dissolving. Thus, they can stimulate collagen for a longer duration. Once dissolved, the material breaks down into glucose, carbon dioxide and water.

How long does a full face thread last?

It Provides Long-Lasting Results

Most thread lifts last 18 months or longer, and once the effects wear off, you can schedule another treatment to maintain beautiful, youthful skin.

PDO Threads-How Long Do They Last

What is the downside of a thread lift?

Complications: Although thread lift is considered minimally invasive, some sutures and cuts are required. There is still a risk of complications such as bruising, thread breakage, thread extrusion, fever, and infection.

How many times should you thread your face?

But, the average person should get their eyebrows threaded every 2-3 weeks. Since the process removes hairs from their roots, the time for the hairs to grow back will be dependent on many factors, but we recommend coming in for eyebrow threading treatment every 2-3 weeks.

What are the best PDO threads to use?

This means that the MINT™ threads are both stronger and maintain their structural integrity much longer than conventional PDO threads. In fact, MINT thread has a high tensile strength of USP 1-0 – making it the strongest lifting, pulling and holding PDO thread on the market.

How many PDO threads do I need for jowls?

An average of 10 threads per area (cheek or jawline, for example) are used.

Is 2 PDO threads enough?

During your initial evaluation for thread lifting, your provider will thoroughly discuss your concerns, assess your skin laxity, and determine how many PDO threads you may need to achieve your desired outcome. On average, patients require between 2 – 4 threads on each side of the face for a mid-face thread lift.

How many sessions of PDO threads do I need?

Patients typically need between one and four treatments for best results. Many patients chose to prolong the effects of PDO threading for several years with annual maintenance treatments.

What age should you get PDO threads?

The ideal thread lift candidate is usually in his or her late thirties to early fifties, whereas most patients over the age of about 55 will benefit more profoundly from facelift surgery.

Which celebrities have had PDO thread lift?

Here, the top A-listers who have gone on recored for endorsing this temporary thread lift and seem to be happy with their results.
  • 1 / 7. Eva Mendez. ...
  • 2 / 7. Huda Kattan. ...
  • 3 / 7. Sarah Ferguson. ...
  • 4 / 7. Kelly Dodd. ...
  • 5 / 7. Simon Cowell. ...
  • 6 / 7. Jaclyn Hill. ...
  • 7 / 7. Maybe: Gwyneth Paltrow.

Do threads work for jowls?

The thread lift is a minimally invasive alternative to a facelift. It combines a medical-grade threading material and the physical “pulling” or “lifting” of the skin to tighten the thread and reduce wrinkles. Targeted areas can include the jowls, jaw line, brow line, under eye area, forehead and cheeks.

Which is better Ultherapy or thread lift?

In essence, if you want more drastic and quicker results- threading is the option. If you want longer lasting results, improvement in skin quality, and non-invasive procedure- go with Ultherapy.

Do thread lifts work for jowls?

Absolutely. Jowls are one of the primary indications of thread lifting and often times our very first course of action when treating the jowls, and we'll get into the details as to why that's the case, but there are a number of treatment options out there that can effectively tighten the area.

How much does thread lift for the jowls cost?

The cost of the thread lift starts from $3500 or $30 per week. The actual cost of your procedure varies depending on how many threads you require, and the areas in which you need to be treated. Individual consultation is required to determine the exact cost of your procedure.

Can you smile after thread lift?

By the end of week 1, I could give a pretty good smile but I was still cautious but by the end of 2 weeks, I was able to smile and laugh as normal. Mineral make-up may be applied gently after 24 hours. A stinging or “pulling” pain or discomfort is normal.

Can I have Botox after thread lift?

As long as you feel fine, and you are healing well following your thread lift treatment, you should be fine to have Botox done one week following your thread lift. If you still have concerns don't hesitate to ask your provider for their recommendation.

How many times can you get PDO threads?

How Often Should You Have Treatment? The results of this treatment can last for six to 12 months at a time, so how long the results of your treatment lasts will determine how often you should have treatment. Many patients opt to have regularly scheduled PDO thread lifts once or twice a year.

Do PDO threads lift jowls?

PDO Threads Non-Surgical Face Lift, to lift, tighten and contour. PDO threads are excellent for defining of the jaw line as well as lifting and tightening sagging skin of the jowls. Even with slight swelling immediately after treatment, immediate results in this patient can be seen.

Are PDO mono threads worth it?

A PDO thread lift will offer significant results straight away, and you'll notice a tightening and lifting of the skin. However, it will take around two weeks for the collagen production to start to get going, and this is when you will see an improvement of the skin's tone, texture and overall quality.

Is it OK to get your whole face threading?

Test out threading on your upper/lower lip and chin beforehand. This will allow you to see if you get any rashes or breakouts. If two weeks have passed and your skin hasn't had any negative effects, feel free to thread your whole face!

Can threads move in your face?

You may feel the puncture points used to insert the threads for a few weeks as they heal. There may also be a feeling of tightness from the pulling of the skin. In some cases, the threads can migrate or move. This can happen if the threads break, for example.

Do facial threads build collagen?

The absorbable threads make skin lifted immediately through mechanical effects. And these threads stimulate neocollagenesis process of tissues, which results in the production of new collagen.

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