What perfume does Kim Kardashian wear?

Author: Dr. Clemens Kilback  |  Last update: Sunday, March 12, 2023

Fashion icon Kim Kardashian wears the ageless and versatile Michael Kors by Michael Kors perfume, but she also dips into fragrances from her famous perfume line. Scents from her lineup include True Reflection, Kim Kardashian, and the luxurious, powerful (but inexpensive) Kim Kardashian Glam.

What is Kim Kardashian's best smelling perfume?

Every fragrance from the fashion star is a complete reflection of glory and sophistication, but the best smelling Kim Kardashian Perfume is Kim Kardashian Eau De Parfum and True Reflection. Both these fragrances are special, with good projection power and longevity.

What does Kim Kardashian smell like?

Kim Kardashian was launched in 2009. The nose behind this fragrance is Claude Dir. Top notes are Honeysuckle, African Orange Flower and Mandarin Orange; middle notes are Tuberose, Gardenia, Jasmine and Spices; base notes are Tonka Bean, Musk, Sandalwood, Orchid and Woodsy Notes.

What kind of perfume does Kylie Jenner Wear?

Kylie Jenner wears fresh, unobtrusive scents that smell clean and don't overpower. One of her most ardent favorites is Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion, though her love of gardenias makes Gardenia Elizabeth Taylor another obvious choice. Clean Air & Coconut Water and Oscar Jasmine are two others.

What scent is Kim Kardashian perfume?

SCENT. The top notes are orange blossom mandarin, and honeysuckle. The middle notes are jasmine, gardenia, tuberose, and spices. The base notes are musk, sandalwood, tonka beans, orchid, and woods.

KUWTK | Kim Kardashian Decides on Scents for New Perfume | E!

What is Kardashian favorite perfume?

Jasmine Air, Kardashian's favorite amongst the three, is a fresh floral scent with a citrus counterpart and notes of vanilla, Bulgarian rose, and both blood and bitter orange.

Who is the best smelling celebrity?

Hollywood has voted and Rihanna is officially the best smelling celebrity.

What perfume does Megan Fox use?

Megan Fox Avon Ad - Instinct Perfume.

What fragrance does JLO wear?

Jennifer Lopez Glow by Jennifer Lopez

She first got in the perfume game with the release of "Glow" in 2004, and has since also launched "Still," "Deseo," and "Live."

What perfume does Gigi Hadid wear?

Gigi Hadid: Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia

Hadid may be the face of several fragrances (Tom Ford and Tommy Hilfiger drops among them), but her personal spritz is actually an Armani delight: "I love Acqua di Gioia," she shared with Refinery29.

What is the strongest odor in the world?

World's Smelliest Substance: Mercaptan | Midland Resource Recovery.

What does Kylie Jenner perfume smell like?

Description. Pink Lips Eau de Parfum from Kylie Jenner by KKW Fragrance is a Floral, Fruity Scent with notes of Coconut, Mandarin and Bergamot. 1 oz. in Iconic Pink Lip Packaging.

What scent does Kendall Jenner wear?

Kendall Jenner - Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge, €86

Despite being a one-time face for Estee Lauder, Kendall Jenner has often said this Modern Muse Le Rouge is her everyday scent and one of her favourite perfumes.

What is the number 1 best smelling perfume?

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum takes the top spot on our list. Courtney Leiva is an experienced beauty and lifestyle writer.

Which is the most beautiful smell perfume?

Here, the 10 greatest fragrances of all time, as voted on by the beauty industry.
  • Chanel No. Launched: 1921. ...
  • Le Labo Santal 33. Launched: 2011. ...
  • Thierry Mugler Angel. Launched: 1992. ...
  • Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. Launched: 2001. ...
  • Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. ...
  • Dior Eau Sauvage. ...
  • Tom Ford Black Orchid. ...
  • Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giò

What does Kendall Jenner's perfume smell like?

KKW Fragrance Kendall Trio Bundle

If you're curious, a "nature fairy princess" smells like the following: Amber has citrusy top notes with pink peppercorn; a floral middle with notes of ylang ylang, rose, and jasmin sambac; and a woodsy dry down that includes tonka bean.

What perfume does Beyonce wear?

Beyonce's favorite perfume is Emporio Armani Diamonds by Giorgio Armani. A clean, fresh and elegant scent in a sparkling way. It fits women of all ages: it is sophisticated and soft enough for those in search of mature olfactory notes, but crispy and sexy for those ladies who are just coming out of their girly shells.

What fragrance does Michelle Obama wear?

Creed Love in White Edp is Michelle's go-to scent as it reflects perfectly the freedom to choose and act. The top-notch quality scent has a sophisticated blend of ingredients and floral scents that creates a refreshing impression and an even alluring aura.

What fragrance does Hailey Bieber wear?

Hailey Bieber's favorite perfume is Bond No. 9 West Side and she's also a big fan of Ariana Grande's perfumes. Hailey says she likes to switch between fragrances regularly as she often gets bored. She alternates between unisex scents with soft, floral notes and sweeter perfumes with notes of caramel.

What perfume does Marilyn Monroe?

Marilyn Monroe famously told interviewers that she wore Chanel No. 5 to bed (and nothing else), but it wasn't her only favorite. Like millions of other women, Monroe was a fan of Chanel No 5. However, in 2002, it was revealed that she also had a secret penchant for Floris Rose Geranium.

What fragrance does Miley Cyrus wear?

Miley Cyrus Gets Animated for Gucci Flora Gorgeous Jasmine Perfume Ad – WWD.

What kind of perfume does Khloe Kardashian wear?

KKW Fragrance Pink Diamond (Khloé)

The fragrance's primary notes include sweet jasmine, lilac, and tuberose, providing a very sweet-yet-seductive finish.

What perfume does Angelina Jolie wear?

'Guerlain is really a favorite of mine. Z [Zahara] and I share the perfume products, such as the lotion and the body wash. I love that she and I will remember each other by a smell. Especially as my first memory of Guerlain was the scent of my mother's powder.

What is the No 1 celebrity perfume?

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor was first released in 1991 and is still the best-selling celebrity perfume there ever was. The bottle is iconic, as well as the scent—the top notes include aldehydes, bergamot, neroli, orange, and lily.

What is the most successful perfume of all time?

There is no doubt that Chanel N°5 is the most iconic fragrance of all time, however, its sibling Coco Mademoiselle has also made a name for itself. The Eau de Parfum is an oriental fragrance, a spirited and voluptuous scent – loved by so many women around the world.

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