What is Remy hair?

Author: Kirstin Kassulke  |  Last update: Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Remy hair comes from a donor who is paid for their natural hair and it is usually cut from a pony tail to preserve the cuticles in the right direction. Again, it is 100 per cent real human hair.

Is Remy hair better than human hair?

Remy hair is considered the finest quality of human hair since the cuticles are kept intact unlike most other non-remy hair extensions. Aligning and preserving the hair cuticles in a unilateral direction ensures the natural look and feel of hair extensions.

Is Remy fake hair?

Remy hair is a hairpiece or wig that is also made of real human hair with the cuticle still intact. So if a product is described as 'Remy' you can be assured it is not synthetic. The main difference between Remy hair and human hair wigs is that when Remy hair is collected the cuticle is still intact.

What is Remy human hair made of?

“Remy” or “Remi” means hair extension where all the cuticles are intact and not at all stripped. These hair extensions are made from the finest quality 100% virgin Remy human hair with the cuticle left intact.

What is the difference between Remy human hair and human hair?

Virgin hair is 100% human hair that's never been chemically-treated or dyed. Remy hair is human ponytail hair with the cuticle in one direction, but it can be dyed or treated hair. 100% human hair is any hair from a human scalp — meaning it can come from the floor of a hair salon, a brush, or even a corpse.

What Is Remy Hair? Let me Explain the difference

Which is better Remy or Brazilian hair?

For more people, it is a very obvious choice. Compared with Brazilian Remy Hair, Indian Remy Hair is finer, not only is it naturally airy, bouncy and light but can also be styled and curled very easily. In additon, its integration is better than Brazilian Remy Hair, because of its characteristicsof fine density.

How long can Remy hair last?

Remy Clips Remy Hair Extensions on average last 6 to 9 months. The lifespan of your human hair extensions will depend on how much you use them, how often you color them and how well you take care of them.

Why is hair called Remy?

The question we get asked a lot is: "Is Remy hair human hair?" And the answer: Yes, Remy Hair is real, natural, human hair. And then the next question is: So why is it called Remy Hair? Remy human hair is the process of preserving the human hair, so that the colour stays vivid and the hair stays looking shiny and soft.

Is virgin hair better than Remy hair?

2.2 The difference of virgin hair vs remy hair

Remy hair is cheaper than virgin hair but can be bought more easily. Virgin hair it is more expensive than remy hair, and it can stay longer, and look more natural. Virgin hair is often the better choice for hair bleaching as they are natural and unprocessed chemicals.

Does Remy hair tangle?

Remy is hair collected and sorted from various sources with the root and tip traveling in the same direction to ensure the cuticle does not tangle or matte. The cuticles are not stripped and remain aligned in one direction.

How can you tell if Remy hair is real?

The Flame/Burn Test

This is the one foolproof way of knowing for sure whether the hair is real or synthetic; Pull a couple of long strands of hair out and hold them above a flame – make sure you use a lighter or an unscented candle. If the hair singes and burns upwards while smelling like burnt hair – it is real.

Can you dye Remy hair?

Can you dye Remy hair extensions? Remy human hair extensions​ can also be dyed though we recommend you leave it to the professionals. This is because it's really important to ensure the dye is applied in the right way and that the base shade can be changed to the final shade result you want to achieve.

What grade is Remy hair?

Grade A 100% human remy hair single drawn - e.g. in a bundle of 18", less than 50% of the hairs will measure 18". Grade AA 100% human remy hair 50% drawn - e.g. in a bundle of 18", around 50% of the hairs will measure 18".

Can Remy hair be bleached?

Yes. Remy extension are 100% human hair and can be bleached and colored just like regular human hair.

Is Remy the best hair extensions?

Remy hair extensions are the best type of extension you can buy! Remy hair extensions are made from the finest quality human hair. Remy human hair is collected in one direction, so it has a higher chance of being straight and having less shedding than other types of extension methods like wefting or weaving.

What is the best kind of hair you can buy?

A great fit for all hair types, Indian hair is a consistent contender for the best hair available today. Indian hair is a popular choice because its texture and color are easily matched to many ethnicities, especially relaxed African American hair.

What is the highest quality human hair?

What Are The Grades? Those are the human hair grades currently being used within the industry 3A being the lowest quality hair and 10A the highest.

How is Remy hair collected?

High quality “remy” is collected directly from a woman's head and has been cut while in a ponytail, from a single donor, and is the full length of the strands. This collection process guarantees that the cuticles will stay aligned and the end result will be pure remy hair.

What is the difference between Remy and Non Remy hair?

Remy Hair is human hair that is collected from one source or donor. The cuticles are intact and aligned in one direction. Non-Remy Hair is 100% Human Hair, but in this case, the hair is collected in piles. As a result, the cuticles are all misaligned, causing the hair to easily tangle.

Can Remy human hair be styled?

Another key point to remember is to style your Remy hair with care and attention. It is true that Remy hair can be styled using a hair dryer, flat iron, or colored. You should still try to limit the use of heat on them.

Can you curl Indian Remy hair?

Virgin Indian hair can be styled and colored to your desire. This hair comes curly and can be flat ironed to bone straight. After wetting, it will curl back up. This luxurious 100% Human hair is easy to maintain and is often used in styles not requiring much heat, styling, or excess hair products.

Is Brazilian Remy human hair?

For the ultimate in thick, full hair, Brazilian hair extensions are the ideal choice for real virgin human hair. Naturally thick virgin remy hair and yet with a feeling of lightness to it, these human hair extensions give you amazing body and are super soft and shiny.

Why is Indian hair the best?

Indian hair is very light, airy, full of bounce, and easy to style. If you are looking for a natural wave style, then this is the hair for you. A critical reason that Indian hair is trendy because it does not tangle shed quickly, or lose its natural wavy look.

What is the highest grade virgin hair?

Definition. Grade 10A is the best grade human hair weave, it is 100% virgin unprocessed human hair from one donator with thick ends and strong human hair structure.

How long do hair extensions last?

Even the best hair extensions have to replaced, especially if you want to avoid sad, scraggly strands. How often you have to replace extensions comes down to which kind you have: Fusion extensions (every 3-4 months), tape-in hair extensions (4-8 weeks), or hand-tied extensions (3-4 months).

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