How can I fix my damaged 2C hair?

Author: Allene Turcotte  |  Last update: Tuesday, August 1, 2023

  1. Try gentle cleansing with a co-wash. ...
  2. Hydrate your curls with deep conditioning treatments. ...
  3. Wrap hair up in a microfiber towel after washing. ...
  4. Apply styling products with added nourishment. ...
  5. Make sure you use heat protection when needed. ...
  6. Slow-dry your hair for added moisture. ...
  7. Turn to protective hairstyles to shield strands.

How to repair 2C hair?

2C Haircare Routine Tips
  1. Focus on maintaining your frizz. Your wavy strands tend to get fairly frizzy. ...
  2. Use a hair mask once a week. ...
  3. Add oil to your haircare routine. ...
  4. Keep wash days to a minimum. ...
  5. Stick to a schedule.

How do I get my 2C curls back?

How To Bring Your Curls Back To Life
  1. Consider co-washing. One of the most coveted secrets of the curl community is co-washing. ...
  2. Get rid of build up. ...
  3. Cut out the damage. ...
  4. Break up with your heat stylers. ...
  5. Moisture, moisture, moisture. ...
  6. Experiment with your styling. ...
  7. Make masks a focus.

How do I keep 2C hair moisturized?

Oil your hair once a week or two with oils that improve your hair texture. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, and Argan oil are some popular oils used for wavy hair. But, remember – using oils too often can make your hair look weighed down and flat.

Is oil good for 2C hair?

That's why it's so important to incorporate hydrating hair products into your routine. Hydrating shampoo and conditioner sets and hair oils, in particular, are a great way to care for 2C hair, a.k.a. wavy hair or strands that fall somewhere on the spectrum between straight and curly hair.

how I fixed my damaged wavy hair

How often should 2C hair be washed?

Thick, coarse hair or tight curls and coils

With this hair type, shampooing can be the last thing on your mind, since you need to wash your hair no more than once a week, or once every 2-3 weeks if your hair does not feel dirty. Daily washing is a bad idea as this would be too drying for your hair.

What does 2c natural hair look like?

Like all type 2 hair, 2c hair is wavy, but that often feels like a technicality. Your S-bend hair is thick and the waves start at the roots. If you've ever been confused about whether your hair is wavy or curly, it's likely you have the 2c hair type.

What texture is 2c hair?

Type 2c hair is the apex of waviness. Its ultra-defined natural waves are not easily ignored or erased. Through wind, rain, or shine, it's wavy texture will not lose its shape— though it may experience a little frizz or excess volume. Even when your 2c hair is being unruly, don't take this hair type for granted.

How do you fix Type 2 hair?

Styling tips:

A clean, scalp-supporting dry shampoo can keep your roots lifted between washes. You'll want to encourage the waves post-wash to help them get a bit of definition. Find a light-hold curl cream that you enjoy, and scrunch it throughout your hair when damp.

What products to use for 2C hair?

Best Products For 2C Hair
  • TWIST Weather Up Gel Weightless Curl Defining Gel. ...
  • Design Essentials Curl Enhancing Mousse. ...
  • milk_shake Leave-In Conditioner Spray Detangler. ...
  • Carol's Daughter Goddess Strength Repairing Cocoon Hydrating Hair Mask.

Can you fix damaged curly hair?

After your curly hair becomes damaged, bringing moisture back into your strands is a must. A deep conditioner in the form of a hair mask for dry and damaged hair helps to restore moisture to damaged follicles, nourishing and repairing thirsty strands.

How long does it take to repair damaged curly hair?

Two to three years:This is the usual length of time that transitioning takes. This does not mean that your curls do not have any more growing to do or that you will not require additional trims to get you hair to its final state, but this benchmark will let you see your crown in all its glory.

Should 2c hair be cut wet or dry?

Should Hair Be Wet or Dry While It's Being Cut? This can depend on individual preference but generally, curly hair should be cut while it's dry. Each curl has its own individual pattern and one head of hair can even have multiple different curl patterns.

Is Shea Moisture good for 2c hair?

Keep wavy hair looking and feeling its best with SheaMoisture Type 2 hair products, suitable for hair types 2a, 2b and 2c. Made with naturally-derived ingredients and certified organic shea butter, our products keep your waves frizz-free, radiant and moisturized.

How do I make my 2C hair less frizzy?

Use Curl-Friendly Products

"It's important to use curl enhancing products, as they help pop the wave," says Sears. "2C waves are well-formed, and I consider them part of the curl family. Curl products will add a bit of extra moisture, which will ultimately help with frizz.

What do 2C curls look like?

Type 2C waves are usually identified as small to medium size waves that form into a letter S shape as they grow. This shape borders between wavy and curly hair. Though for some this may already look like a typical curly hair, the 2C type does not form springs, a distinguishing feature between waves and curls.

Can 2C hair get waves?

2c curls can either be encouraged to curl or encouraged to wave, so choose a hair product accordingly. Encouraging 2c curls requires a lightweight hold. There are so many great products out there that it can be a minefield finding your perfect curl care. I like styling foams for a lightweight lift.

How do you know if you have 2C hair?

Type 2C hair has defined waves that start at the roots, and is thicker than the other subcategories. This hair type starts to form loose spiral curls and has that “S” shape. Type 2C tends to be the most prone to frizz of the Type 2 category. With wavy hair, the biggest frustration is that it tends to frizz easily.

What happens if you don't wash curly hair for 2 weeks?

Going a long time without washing your hair can cause a buildup of a yeast-like fungus called Malassezia on your scalp. Over time, this leads to a layer of dead skin cells that shed from your head in the form of oily, yellow-ish dandruff flakes.

Which Denman brush for 2C hair?

Hairbrush for curl type 2A, 2B and 2C: wavy hair

The Denman D3 or D4 is therefore very suitable for this, depending on the length of your hair.

Does Cantu work on 2C hair?

Cantu Curl Activator is Perfect For:

Like I also mentioned above, it can get heavier for 2C & 3A hair type so test the amount of cream you need to take over a few weeks. I'm not saying wavy hair textures won't get fantastic results, because I have many readers with wavy or loose curls that LOVE cantu.

What damaged curly hair looks like?

Stringy, straight ends and looser curl patterns. These sorts of noticeable changes in texture can be a red flag. Excessive heat is usually the culprit, but bleach/color damage, dryness or over-manipulation can be contributing factors as well.

Will my curls come back after damage?

How long does it take to get your natural curls back? Everyone's hair is different, so while it may take your friend just a few weeks to see their curls return to their former glory, you may have to wait a couple of months. The quickest way to see results is to cut off your damaged strands.

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