Can you break down filler by massaging?

Author: Dr. Tracey Barrows  |  Last update: Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Massage can encourage the filler to be broken up by the body more quickly. But in practice this still takes a long time (like weeks of daily vigorous massage) to improve the outcome. This may also spread the product over a larger area causing more problems.

Can massage Help dissolve fillers?

Answer: Massaging after Fillers

Thank you for your question, Massaging your face will not cause your fillers to disappear and massaging a lot may interfere with your final results. However, if you are unhappy with your filler/Botox results after two weeks, you can have the fillers dissolved with hyaluronidase.

What is the fastest way to break down fillers?

So while the body naturally breaks them down over time, there is a way to speed up the process: Injections of hyaluronidase. Hyaluronidase is what the body produces naturally to break down fillers, so by injecting more, it allows the lips to regain natural shape quicker, usually going down within 3-4 days.

How do you get fillers to dissolve?

To dissolve lip fillers, you'll need to receive injections of hyaluronidase (Hyalase) near the filler. Hyaluronidase is a concentrated synthetic form of an enzyme that naturally occurs in your body. When injected, it begins to break down the filler, speeding up the dissolving process that would take place over time.

What breaks down filler naturally?

Your body naturally dissolves the dermal filler for you over time using a substance called hyaluronidase. This is a naturally occurring material in your body that gradually breaks down the hyaluronic acid in your filler, causing your results to gradually diminish over a period of 6 – 18 months.

Should You Massage After Having an Injectable Filler? | Dr. Jonathan Sykes

Does exercise dissolve dermal fillers?

If you're big into exercise, your fillers may metabolize faster than those with a more sedentary lifestyle. This shouldn't deter you from an active life or lip fillers though. Dermal fillers dissolve as your body metabolizes them, so patients with an increased metabolism may notice their fillers disappearing sooner.

Can heat dissolve fillers?

Intense heat on the skin can make your filler break down more quickly or produce less effective results. Ideally, you should avoid exposure to intense heat for at least 12 to 24 hours after your appointment.

Can I dissolve filler after 1 week?

The filler will start to break down and soften immediately, although depending on the location and how much needs to be dissolved, it may take up to two weeks for it to completely dissolve and settle back to natural.

Why is my filler not dissolving?

If the filler is in a location further away from direct blood flow than other locations, then this means that cells that secrete hyaluronidase will not be able to reach the hyaluronic acid gel, and will therefore be unable to dissolve it.

Can you slightly dissolve filler?

Hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Juvéderm products (including VOLUMA and VOLBELLA), Restylane products, and Belotero, can be partially or completely removed with an enzyme called hyaluronidase.

Should you massage filler lumps?

Experiencing lumps in lips after injectable filler is extremely common—and lumps most often resolve naturally with time. Gentle lip massage 5-7 days after the treatment can help smooth any lumps and bumps in the lips.

How long does it take to break down filler?

Different fillers tend to naturally dissolve at different speeds. Most hyaluronic acid fillers used in the lips, jawline, and cheeks, including Juvederm and Restylane, metabolize after 6 months to a year. Sculptra can continue to provide results in the face for up to two years.

Can I dissolve filler after 3 days?

Hyaluronic acid Dermal filler can be dissolved by the injection of Hyaluronidaese enzyme which take 1-2 weeks to work. There are many reasons that the filler has to be dissolve or has been requested to be dissolved for example: Over filled. The filler has moved or spread to other areas.

How long is filler moldable?

Fillers remain moldable for 1-2 weeks, and pressure can deform your filler.

Why is hyaluronidase not dissolving my filler?

Answer: DIfferent fillers require different doses of Hyaluronidase. Juvederm and more particalarly juvderm plus require higher doses of hyaluronidase to dissolve compared to other fillers. If the lumps are truly filler it is most likely a dosage issue.

Can you dissolve filler after a year?

Answer: Filler Can be Dissolved after 1 Year

Yes, your filler can be dissolved if it lasts longer than 1 year, but it needs to be a hyaluronic acid filler. Hyaluronic Acid based filler can be dissolved at anytime with Hyaluronidase.

Will hyaluronidase dissolve all filler?

Can all dermal fillers be dissolved? No. Only dermal fillers made from hyaluronic acid can be dissolved with hyaluronidase.

Can filler take longer than 2 weeks to settle?

The filler can take several weeks to soften and settle into your skin. This means that patients won't see the ultimate results of their treatment immediately. Although individual results will vary, many people achieve the full effect within two weeks after receiving their injections.

Can filler take 4 weeks to settle?

In reality, fillers take up to four weeks to “settle,” according to Healthline. Different types of fillers can settle more quickly, and your lifestyle and similar factors can also affect the amount of time it takes to settle.

Can you move filler after 2 weeks?

It is not likely that the filler products would move if you wait at least a few days before pressing really hard on the areas and having extractions. The hyaluronic acid fillers settle nicely into the skin, and once any swelling goes down, it would be pretty unusual for anyone to be able to displace them.

Will Microneedling dissolve filler?

* In addition, treatments such as microneedling that stimulate your natural healing process can disperse dermal fillers and cause the material to be absorbed more quickly by the body.

Which fillers Cannot be dissolved?

Can all fillers be dissolved? Fillers with silicone (which are sometimes used in the lips and face, cannot be dissolved). Other semi-permanent fillers such as Scultpra and Radiesse also can't be dissolved. But temporary fillers, such as Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers can easily be dissolved.

Can you dissolve filler the next day?

Answer: Dissolving Juvederm can be done at anytime, but usually wait at least a week after injection. Using hyaluronidase to dissolve Juvederm can be done at anytime. The results of a treatment take about 7-10 days to fully appreciate because Juvederm tends to spread a little.

Is dissolving filler painful?

Dissolving filler is not painful. We provide numbing cream, numbing injections and skin cooling to minimise any discomfort. As with any injection, it is possible that you may experience some redness, swelling, tenderness and bruising. These may take a 2-3 days to resolve and bruises sometimes longer.

How do you dissolve a filler lump?

Hyaluronidase is injected into the target area, and gets to work by dissolving the filler in that area. After a bit of initial swelling, you'll likely see a significant reduction in the area that's been dissolved.

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