What moisturizer can I use with benzoyl peroxide?

Author: Prof. Kay Rau  |  Last update: Tuesday, May 3, 2022

The Best Moisturizers To Use With Benzoyl Peroxide
  • Doctor's Pick: Best Gel Moisturizer. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel. ...
  • Doctor's Pick: Best Medicated Moisturizer. Cetaphil Gentle Clear Mattifying Acne Moisturizer. ...
  • Best French Pharmacy Moisturizer. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat. ...
  • Best For Damaged, Irritated Skin.

Can I use moisturizer after benzoyl peroxide?

1 If you're just beginning with your benzoyl peroxide treatment, start using moisturizer now, even before you notice any uncomfortable dryness. You may be able to stave off the worst of it. If you've already succumbed to benzoyl peroxide-induced dryness and flakiness, slather on moisturizer as often as necessary.

What products can you use with benzoyl peroxide?

Do Mix: Benzoyl Peroxide with gentle hydrating ingredients, SPF, and topical antibiotics. Along with moisturizing ingredients that can buffer the dehydrating effects of benzoyl peroxide, the acne-fighting component can be used in conjunction with prescription topical treatments like clindamycin.

Can I use niacinamide with benzoyl peroxide?

Yes, you can use benzoyl peroxide and niacinamide at the same time. In fact, many experts suggest teaming highly potent and drying ingredients, such as benzoyl peroxide with hydrating ones, such as niacinamide. With benzoyl peroxide penetrating further into the skin, it can sometimes cause some irritation and dryness.

How do you use benzoyl peroxide on skin care routine?

Benzoyl peroxide may be used up to twice per day. After cleansing and toning, apply the product in a thin layer around the entire affected area of skin. Let the product dry for a few seconds before applying your moisturizer. If you're new to benzoyl peroxide, start with once a day only.


What goes on first moisturizer or benzoyl peroxide?

The best way to apply to apply benzoyl peroxide is by cleansing the skin, then applying non-comedogenic moisturiser, wait for the cream to get absorbed and dry out on the skin. It hardly takes 5-10 minutes and lastly apply benzoyl peroxide cream/ointment.

Can I use moisturizer after clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide gel?

Do not take clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide gel with moisturizer cream by mouth. Use on your skin only. Keep out of your mouth, nose, and eyes (may burn). If you get clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide gel with moisturizer cream in any of these areas, rinse well with water.

Should I moisturize after acne treatment?

When creating an acne treatment plan, dermatologists sometimes include a moisturizer. Acne can cause your skin to feel oily and greasy, so a moisturizer may be the last thing you'd think of trying. A moisturizer, however, may be just what you need if you're using one of the following acne treatments: Benzoyl peroxide.

Which moisturiser is best for acne-prone skin?

The best overall moisturizer for acne-prone complexions is Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion (view at Sephora), a super-lightweight, oil-free formula that hydrates, heals, soothes, and helps prevent breakouts.

Which moisturizer is best for acne-prone skin?

Healthline's picks for the best moisturizers for acne
  • Biossance Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer.
  • Herbivore Aquarius Pore Purifying BHA Cream.
  • Tata Harper Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer.
  • Beekman 1802 Bloom Cream Daily Prebiotic Moisturizer.
  • CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion.
  • Knours Your Only Meditation Gel Cream.

Is Cetaphil moisturizer good for acne?

Cetaphil products are suitable for cleansing and moisturising acne-prone skin - they will help to remove dirt and oil, hydrate your skin and be respectful to and gentle on the natural skin barrier. All of the Cetaphil moisturisers are non-comedogenic, so they won't block your pores.

Can I use moisturizer after applying clindamycin?

Avoid washing treated skin or applying other skin products for at least 1 hour after applying this medicine. Avoid using other medications on the areas you treat with clindamycin and tretinoin topical unless your doctor tells you to.

What goes on first benzoyl peroxide or clindamycin?

Apply the clindamycin solution first and then the benzoyl peroxide gel as directed by your doctor or pharmacist. Wash your hands after each use. Follow the instructions provided with these medications.

Can I use benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid together?

Can I Use Both Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide Together? "It's safe to use both together at low concentrations to attack your acne on all fronts," the dermatologist explains.

Can I put moisturizer over salicylic acid?

It works by penetrating and dislodging the gunk (sebum) in your pores, so that it's no longer trapped — resulting in a lower chance of triggering an acne breakout." When you combine salicylic with a moisturizer, you're essentially chemically exfoliating your skin while also giving it the hydration it needs to avoid—you ...

Can you mix hyaluronic acid and benzoyl peroxide?

“AHA, BHA, retinol, and benzoyl peroxide can be mixed with moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and rosehip oil to get effective results — just ensure you are not using retinol as well as AHA or BHA's during the day," says Graf.

Can I mix clindamycin with benzoyl peroxide?

The combination of clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide comes as a gel to apply to the skin. It is usually applied twice a day, in the morning and evening. To help you remember to use clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide gel, apply it at around the same times every day.

Can I mix benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin together?

In addition, combination therapy with clindamycin/benzoyl peroxide gel rapidly reduces Propionibacteria acnes counts and suppresses the emergence of clindamycin-resistant P. acnes. This formulation is stable at room temperature for up to 2 months after compounding.

How do I incorporate clindamycin into my skincare routine?

Our dermatologists recommend applying clindamycin lotion after moisturizer to reduce irritation. To make the topical solution easier to spread, try dotting it onto the skin before rubbing it into the entire affected area. If your skin is dry, you can follow with another layer of moisturizer.

Can I use niacinamide after clindamycin?

You may have to use it for a long time before your acne starts to improve. Be patient and keep using it every day. Wash your skin with a mild cleanser and pat it dry before applying Allantoin + Clindamycin + Niacinamide. Apply it as a thin layer onto clean, dry, unbroken skin affected by acne.

Can I use clindamycin and niacinamide together?

Molecule Description. Clindamycin+Nicotinamide is a combination medicine. It is used to treat acne and. It also helps in reducing acne scars, whiteheads and blackheads.

Is Cetaphil or CeraVe better?

Overall, there is no clear winner. It just depends on the needs of your own skin. If you experience dry skin, oily skin, acne-prone skin then CeraVe might be the clear choice. However, if you experience sensitive skin the Cetaphil is the better option.

Does CeraVe moisturizing cream cause acne?

Cerave Moisturizing Lotion

The combination of ingredients like polyglyceryl-3-diisostearate and cetyl alcohol both can contribute to some pretty serious breakouts. As well propylparaben, shown further down on the extensive ingredients list, is ranked at 7 out of a scale of 9 in regards to safety.

Does moisturizer make acne worse?

If you over-moisturize, the leftover moisturizer just sits on your face. With nowhere to go, this extra moisturizer will eventually fill up the pores on your skin and clog them, resulting in the production of acne, whiteheads, and blackheads.

Does applying moisturizer cause acne?

Excessive moisturizer use can cause pimples or breakouts on the skin. Your skin absorbs what it needs and the extra product just sits on top of your face. This greasy layer attracts dirt and bacteria, which then gets accumulated in the pores and causes acne.

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