Is my face diamond or heart?

Author: Ms. Ora Nicolas  |  Last update: Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Cheekbones: If the widest point of your face aligns with your cheekbones, you may have a diamond, or heart shaped face. If your cheekbones and forehead are equally wide, you're more likely to have a heart-shaped face, whereas if your forehead and jaw are narrower, you may be sporting a diamond shape.

How do I know if my face is Diamond?

Diamond face shape
  1. Diamond face shapes have a narrow forehead and a small chin.
  2. Your cheekbones will be the widest part of your face and sit nice and high.
  3. Your forehead won't be as wide as a heart-shaped face.

Is my face triangle or heart?

If you have an inverted triangle face shape, your forehead is the widest part of your face, tapering down to a narrower, pointy chin. The difference between an inverted triangle and a heart is that the heart shape has a widow's peak. The inverted triangle hairline is either straight across or slightly rounded.

Is my face square or round?

If the length of your face is about equal to the width of your face, and your jaw is angular instead of rounded, your face shape is square. “Cheekbones on a square face will be parallel to the hairline and jawline,” says Scheibel.

How do I know the shape of my face?

Measure from the center of your hairline to the tip of your chin. Next, measure from the left side of your face to the right side. If your face is longer than it is wide, you may have an oval face shape. If your face is wider than it is long, you may have a round or heart face shape.

How to immediately know if your face is heart shaped or not

What hairstyle is best for heart-shaped face?

Lob: Straight With Side Flip

“The lob is a great haircut that works well for heart-shaped faces,” she says. It is also a perfect haircut to try when transitioning from a longer length. If you've got fine tresses, style your lob with a cool-girl side flip for an instant boost of volume.

What is the prettiest face shape?

Sure, we know beautiful people with square-shaped face, round face, and so on. But the heart shape, otherwise more commonly known as a V-shaped face, has been scientifically proven to be the most visually attractive face shape to have.

Is diamond face shape attractive?

He said: 'The diamond is the most desirable face shape for a woman. It is incredibly feminine and elegant. 'Megan Fox is one of the great screen beauties of her age and she has a symmetrically perfect diamond-shaped face.

Is diamond face shape rare?

Diamond. The diamond shaped face is the rarest of face shapes, and is defined by a narrow forehead, wide cheekbones and a narrow chin. Diamond shaped faces are usually narrower at the eye line and jaw line, with high and often dramatic cheekbones.

Is heart face shape rare?

Heart-shaped faces are something of a rare and beautiful breed. Don't believe us? Well, according to scientists at Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, those with this face shape are “mathematically beautiful”. They reached this conclusion after analysing facial measurements of over 50 models.

What hairstyle suits a diamond face shape?

While curls and waves are ideal for a diamond face shape, straight sleek hair with long layers also looks amazing for your face shape. Long layers will narrow out your cheekbones, creating a more full silhouette that will make your face look more oval in shape. Use a flat iron for straight, sleek hair.

What chin shape is most attractive?

This is the shape desired most of all by women when seeking changes to the shape of their chin. Dr Julian De Silva said: 'This slightly V-shaped or heart-shaped chin is the most desirable.

What type of jawline is most attractive?

Samizadeh S Et al 2019 reported that both men and women preferred obtuse jaw angle than an angular jaw in women i.e., a slimmer jawline was found to be much more attractive than a square jawline.

Which face shape is most common?

In the hair and beauty world, your face shape can determine many things, from your next haircut to your makeup tactics. Finding the correct hairstyle that suits you is a simple equation of proportions. While the most common shape is oval, others include round, square, triangle, diamond, and heart.

Should I get bangs if I have a heart-shaped face?

If you have a heart-shaped face: The goal for those with heart-shaped faces is to balance out the thinner jawline with the wider forehead. Rather than full fringe, go for long, layered side bangs, which draw attention to the eyes, lips and middle of the face.

Should a heart-shaped face wear bangs?

Unlike many face shapes, heart-shaped faces can totally wear straight-across bangs, but they look best if kept long and piecey. The eyebrow-skimming length enhances eyes like no other; while long, wavy layers elongate and add fullness around the jawline.

Does a heart-shaped fringe suit?

Crescent Bangs: Best for Heart Face Shapes

It's flattering on most, but especially so for heart-shaped faces, which are wide at the top and draw to a point at the chin. Reyman recommends a soft, crescent-shaped fringe (i.e., longer at the outer edges and slightly shorter in the middle).

Are Jawlines genetic?

Many of your physical features are influenced by genetics. This includes the shape and structure of your jaw. As a result, you may inherit a weak jawline from a parent or grandparent.

Is sharp jawline attractive?

A study published in the journal Nature Communications found that men with high levels of the hormone testosterone and certain stress hormones also have stronger immune systems and tend to have more masculine facial features such as a strong jawline — a sexy physical trait.

Is sharp jawline attractive for female?

While attractiveness is subjective, a strong jawline in women is definitely a coveted feature in our present culture. It evokes a look of power, strength, and confidence in women, which is what many of the best supermodels express.

Which face shape ages the best?

Round faces tend to age very well compared to other face shapes due to the fact they store a lot of fat in the cheek area. This can keep you looking younger for longer than those who lose fat quicker.

Why my cheeks are chubby?

Facial fat is caused by weight gain. The reason behind excess face fat is poor diet, lack of exercise, aging, or genetic conditions. Fat is usually more visible in the cheeks, jowls, under the chin, and neck. Facial fat tends to be more noticeable in people with rounded, less-pronounced facial features.

Are protruding chins attractive?

Research has shown that chiseled jaws and strong chins appear more masculine and are considered universally attractive.

What is Diamond face?

Diamond faces have a narrow jaw and hairline, whereas heart-shaped faces have that narrower jaw with a much wider forehead. Put it this way: If your cheekbones are the widest points of your face, with both your forehead and chin coming to a narrow point, you likely have a diamond-shaped face.

How do you get Diamond face?

Diamond. If someone drew lines connecting the center of your hairline to your cheekbones and down to your chin, it would create a diamond shape—hence, the name. Diamond faces have pointed chins and high cheekbones.

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