How long does it take for filler to even out?

Author: Adeline Parker  |  Last update: Monday, June 12, 2023

Fortunately, dermal fillers work very quickly, and you won't have to wait twelve months to see the full benefits of your injections. That said, these injectable treatments take some time to integrate into your tissues, and it's normal for your dermal filler to take up to two weeks to fully settle into your face.

Is it normal for filler to be uneven?

Swelling – After undergoing fillers, it is normal for the lips area to look uneven due to swelling. This is normal and does not necessarily mean that something has gone wrong. It is also important to note that the lips have a lot of nerve endings and are more sensitive than other areas of the body.

Do fillers look uneven at first?

The swelling that can often occur after Lip Fillers can cause the lips to look a little uneven for a short time. This doesn't necessarily mean that anything has gone wrong and it may just take a little time for the product to fully settle and for residual swelling to subside.

How long does it take for fillers to smooth out?

The filler can take several weeks to soften and settle into your skin. This means that patients won't see the ultimate results of their treatment immediately. Although individual results will vary, many people achieve the full effect within two weeks after receiving their injections.

Does filler even out over time?

Answer: Fillers improvement over time.

Once the fillers settle in, and your tissue heals from injections, your results can truly be seen as they are! Voluma and Volbella are hyaluronic acid fillers, which do not stimulate collagen on their own.

How Long Does It Take for Lip Fillers to Settle? | Dr. Jonathan Sykes

Is filler lumpy at first?

Lumpiness is very common to feel in your skin in the days after injection of dermal filler into the face, including the upper lip body and the cheeks and the chin area and along wrinkles and folds when injected to lift these. It will usually resolve within a couple of weeks.

How long does it take for filler to not be lumpy?

Generally, any lumps or bumps that appear after fillers will disappear on their own within one to two weeks. Give the treatment a couple of weeks to improve, applying ice regularly.

Why does my filler look bumpy?

A bump may form at the injection site that occurs immediately after the treatment due to the body's inflammatory response. This is completely normal and will likely disappear on its own after a few days.

Does massaging filler move it?

In some cases, we recommend our patients massage their fillers following treatment to smooth them out below the skin; however, too much massage too soon may cause the filler to migrate slightly.

Will massaging filler break it down?

Massage can encourage the filler to be broken up by the body more quickly. But in practice this still takes a long time (like weeks of daily vigorous massage) to improve the outcome. This may also spread the product over a larger area causing more problems.

Why does my face look uneven after fillers?

This happens when the filler was injected too superficially. Patient may take notice to the uneven appearance several weeks post treatment or 3+ months post treatment when the body starts to slowly metabolize the filler. Additional areas that can be “botched” are cheekbones, chin, marionette lines, etc.

How do I know if my filler is botched?

Some of the most common signs of bad lip injections include the following:
  1. Bruising. Bruising is one of the most common complications that occur when lip fillers go wrong. ...
  2. Lumpiness. Uneven, lumpy lips are a common sign of bad lip fillers. ...
  3. Necrosis of the lip tissue.

How do you fix face fillers with asymmetry?

This can include:
  1. Cheek fillers – adding volume to your cheeks can help to reduce the appearance of any asymmetry by reshaping one side of your face to more closely resemble the other. ...
  2. Lip fillers – if your lips are uneven, or unbalanced, with one side being larger than the other, you could consider lip fillers.

Why do fillers distort the face?

Filler works by inflating a pocket or space under the skin. Once the filler is gone (whether absorbed back into the body or chemically dissolved), that space will become empty leaving the tissues in a more stretched out position (think of sucking out the beans from a bean bag leaving it with an excess, sagging bag.

How do you fix filler mistakes?

The good news is, yes, you can reverse many types of dermal filler! Most dermal filler injections are made from a substance called Hyaluronic Acid (HA), and there is an enzyme called Hyaluronidase, that dissolves HA. This is a prescribed medication that has to be administered by a medical professional only.

How do I stop lumpy fillers?

The best way to prevent lumps from filler is to use the appropriate product at the appropriate layer (depth), using the appropriate technique. Ensure you know when to massage and when to mould and what is acceptable post-procedure.

Do filler bumps smooth out?

Smoothing Out the Lumps

The good news is yes, those pesky filler lumps will in fact go away. It's actually quite uncommon for patients to experience any irritation or lumps following their procedure, but if you do, then you should expect them to dissipate after a few days.

Does your face go back to normal after fillers?

Can your face go back to normal after fillers? Many patients fear that when the filler wears off, they will look worse than before. Though fillers may stretch your skin, it is elastic enough to revert to its original form before your treatment. However, anything that's too much is also not good for you.

When should you start massaging filler?

Do not massage your lips for 24 to 48 hours after the treatment. Once your swelling subsides down, you can gently massage your lips with light pressure.

How do I fix a lumpy filler in my cheek?

Within the first two weeks after your injections, lumps and bumps are normal because the cheek filler is settling. If they are particularly pronounced, your injector may recommend massaging the filler. Secondly, if it is after two weeks, your injector will likely still recommend massage first.

What too much filler looks like?

When you have had too much filler, then you may appear to have a bulging forehead, an overly pointy and sharp chin, and overly protruding cheekbones. Furthermore, the filler can stretch and weigh down your skin over time, which is known as filler fatigue.

Should you massage lumps after fillers?

While massage can sometimes improve mild symptoms such as moderate lumpiness or slight asymmetry, don't perform massage on your fillers unless instructed to do so by your plastic surgeon or injector.

Do fillers look worse before better?

The data and experience suggests that not only is there NOT a worsening of the look of the face, in fact most people look better than had they never had the filler prior.

How do I make my face filler with Rounder?

To make your face rounder you need to dil out the area between the cheek bones and the jawline. This non-bony supported area is best treated by fat injections to change it into more of a convex shape on the sides of our face.

How long does it take to fix facial asymmetry?

Braces not only straighten your teeth but also realign your facial structure. You'll find in some cases that the upper and lower jaws do not grow at the same rate, creating uneven symmetry. Although this dental solution can take up to 18 to 24 months, they produce a brand new smile that can last you a lifetime.

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