Does Latisse make lashes thicker or just longer?

Author: Moriah Harris  |  Last update: Saturday, April 29, 2023

Latisse encourages growth of thicker, darker, and longer eyelashes with regular applications along the upper eyelid. Patients usually note results within one month of treatment. However, treatment does not result in permanent changes.

What happens to eyelashes when you stop using Latisse?

If you stop using LATISSE® at any time, your eyelashes will return to their previous appearance over several weeks to months. Set your sights on growth. As the treatment progresses, you'll first begin to see changes in length. Then, gradually, you'll notice more thickness and darkness in your lashes.

Why not put Latisse on lower lashes?

Dermatologists do not recommend using Latisse on lower lashes. Applying Latisse to areas beyond the upper lash line may cause excess hair growth in unwanted areas. For best results, Latisse should only be applied to your upper lash line.

How long will lashes grow with Latisse?

Research has shown that the majority of patients who use the treatment to improve their lashes see a 25% increase in length, a 106% growth in lash fullness and thickness, and an 18% improvement in lash darkness after undergoing a 16-week treatment regimen.

What happens if you use too much Latisse?

Reddening of the eyes usually happens when excess solution applied on the upper eyelid spills into the eyes. So, if Latisse is used cautiously, this side effect is unlikely to occur. Discoloration of the Eyelids: If you are not careful in applying the solution, your eyelid may be exposed to the product.

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What are cons of Latisse?

  • Common side effects include an itching sensation in the eyes and/or eye redness.
  • Skin darkening, eye irritation, dryness of the eyes, and redness of the eyelids.
  • DO NOT APPLY to the lower eyelid. ...
  • LATISSE® use may cause darkening of the eyelid skin which may be reversible.

Does Latisse age your eyes?

The deepening of the upper eyelid sulcus, lid thinning and fibrosis are unlikely to fully resolve with the discontinuation of Latisse. The effect is the permament premature aging of the eyelids.

Do your eyelashes go back to normal after Latisse?

Remember, it can take between three and 24 weeks for your eyelashes to return to “normal” after you stop using the medication completely, so there's no need to panic if you miss a day.

When should I stop using Latisse?

For best results, LATISSE® needs to be used once a day for 16 weeks. Using LATISSE® more than once a day will not grow your lashes faster or improve the effectiveness of the product.

How often does Latisse turn blue eyes brown?

This question is a good one! There is an incredible amount of false information being spread regarding potential change in eye color (irises) as a consequence of using Latisse to stimulate eyelash growth. To answer your question, no, Latisse will not change your eye color!

Is one drop of Latisse enough?

One drop is usually enough to cover both eyes. Unless you have an eye infection or irritation, you can also use 1 brush for both eyes. Just be sure to clean the brush with a little gentle dish washing liquid between uses, rinse and let it dry for sanitation purposes.

Should you take a break from Latisse?

Answer: Taking a break from Latisse

To maintain results of any hair growth promoter, be that Latisse for the lashes, minoxidil the scalp, or any drug that stimulates growth, taking a break is not recommended.

Can you build a tolerance to Latisse?

For some patients Latisse can stop working after using for a long period of time and can build a resistance.

How long does 1 bottle of Latisse last?

In general, a 5ml bottle can last between four and eight months. There are 112 doses in 5 milliliters. You will likely apply this daily for 16 weeks, or almost 4 months. In some cases, the medication may only need to be applied every day during the initiation phase.

Does Latisse affect permanent eyeliner?

A: Latisse will work even with permanent eyeliner

In addition to making the lashes darker, thicker, and longer, the Latisse will increase the pigmentation at the base of the lashes to further enhance the effect.

How long before I see Latisse results?

Latisse does not provide instant results. It usually takes at least two months before the lashes begin to thicken, with full results occurring within three to four months. In order to see full results from Latisse, you must be diligent in applying it nightly.

Do you wash Latisse off in the morning?

You won't have to "wash off" latisse because it gets absorbed by your upper lash line. Nothing will be there in the morning to wash off, so you can put on your makeup as usual.

Is Revitalash better than Latisse?

Both formulas are effective, although Revitalash may take longer to work. In general, Revitalash is less expensive than Latisse. “Patients who have tried both may claim to have better results with one than the other,” says Dr. Hanson.

Will Latisse grow eyebrows?

Latisse can be an expensive but potentially effective solution for eyebrow growth. To see results, you'll need to continually apply Latisse to your eyebrows.

Does Latisse quit working after a while?

Latisse works as long as you continue using it, meaning you can keep applying it daily after four to five months have passed in order to maintain your results. Your eyelashes will still go through their normal growth cycle, but they'll maintain any extra length, thickness and color.

Who should not use Latisse?

Latisse is not approved for people under the age of 18. Also, it is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Since this is a prescription drug, Latisse should not be used by anyone other than the person to whom it was prescribed. If you wear contact lenses, take them out before using Latisse.

Can Latisse cause hooded eyes?

Droopy lower eyelids are not an adverse reaction that has been reported with Latisse. Fortunately, side effects from Latisse are quite uncommon. Less than 4 percent of people experienced redness, irritation and itching of the upper eyelid which was reversible upon discontinuation.

Does Latisse cause sunken eyes?

In addition to chronic irritation, Latisse has also been known to darken the eyelid skin and the iris color in people with light brown or hazel eyes, as well as potentially causing a “sunken eye” appearance by shrinking the layers of orbital fat around the eye socket.

Is Latisse better than eyelash extensions?

High-quality eyelash extensions are worth it—you can swim, cry, work out, and live your normal life without worrying about them. Latisse results are even more durable, but take time. Both are excellent, and we have patients who swear by one or the other as their secret to lashes they love.

Does Latisse cause eyelid fat loss?

“Noted in patients using medical Latisse form with the active ingredient for medical purposes and placing the product directly IN the eyes.” There is no evidence that I know of showing that if Latisse is used correctly (at the lash line) it has caused any problems with fat loss.

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